It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Finally)

I finally got around to decorating for the Christmas season. You could say that it’s late for most people but for me it’s more so. I tend to have my husband pull out the totes with my decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Not only that, but I usually drag everyone out to pick out our Christmas tree too. That’s my Christmas tradition. 

Last year, my youngest daughter was home for Turkey Day and I was able to convince her to come with us to go chop down our tree. It took me until Saturday after the feast to do so. That meant that we couldn’t decorate it until Sunday. Of course, she had to fly back that day (I think there was a conspiracy on her part.).

All I really want for Christmas is to go pick out a real Christmas tree at the local Christmas tree farm, decorate said tree while listening to Christmas music, and put up the rest of the decorations.

Did that happen this year? No. This year was a total disaster! And I had both of my kids at home!

I knew I had to forego the tree because we are heading to the Caribbean before we drive up to New England. That just helped to stall the taking down of the totes that are full of decorations. Added to that was the fact that my spouse has been traveling a ton. 

Various trees
Our tree this year

So as time passed, the desire to decorate dropped dramatically. 

But decorate I did. I finally lugged the totes upstairs and started pulling everything out. Well, not everything. I left quite a bit in those totes. Sometimes the decision was based on lack of space. We are in a new home and so not everything fits like it used to. But other times it was just an ennui.

Handmade sign

I also didn’t wrap my artwork in wrapping paper. Usually, I pick out a few pieces around the house to dress up like presents, bows and all. It seemed too time consuming this year.

German nutcrackers

The house isn’t as festive as usual but it is jolly. There was no music playing in the background either. I just worked hard to make the house presentable.


I feel like the house mimics my mood; it’s putting on a face. We won’t even be here for the actual holiday. We will be in New England, rotating through our families. Don’t get me wrong. I am looking forward to that. And I am definitely looking forward to my time at the beach.

Now, I just need to figure out a way to make the house happier. Maybe it needs some real Christmas smells. Without a real tree it’s missing that component. I don’t miss the needles dropping like flies but the smell makes me happy. I guess I’ll be heading to the store tomorrow. I think a Christmas scented candle will do. Hubby won’t mind me adding another Christmas decoration, will he?

Giving Thanks for Family

This Thanksgiving was a special one for my family. Usually, as a military spouse, Thanksgiving is a time for your military family. Not your blood relatives. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t assume that our family will come to where ever we are for a long weekend. Especially one that is a super-busy travel time. No, I don’t think so.

Being with your military family is great. Don’t get me wrong. But this year my in-laws flew in from New Hampshire and my father and stepmom drove down from Connecticut. My mother and her husband were also supposed to drive with them but mom had bronchitis and that waylaid her from the festivities. My little brother lives out here so we have been counting on him in attendance for the three Thanksgivings that have happened. Not only that, but both of my kids came home for that time. That was a treat and a half!

Talk about being grateful. My heart was overflowing with joy. So much so that I didn’t take any photos of the time we spent together. I had to rely on others. My kids would tell me that I was shirking my responsibilities as a blogger. They are right but I was too busy enjoying the moment to think about it.

I know that the past Thursday was the last time we will all be together again for a while. My oldest daughter is living in Seattle and depending on work, she may or may not be able to come home again. My youngest daughter is getting ready to graduate from the Air Force Academy and she will go off to CSO (Combat Systems Officer) training. That means that next year, she’ll be in school.

So as I sat at the dinner table, I said a silent prayer for all that I had this year. I hope you had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as I did.